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By Simone Bosetti / Atnaujinta: 26 Sep 2022

Urban Transports is an Interreg MED Programme initiative launched in November 2016 and renewed in October 2019 till June 2022. The Urban Transport Community is promoting sustainable urban mobility planning in the Euro-Mediterranean region as an effective tool to reduce carbon emissions and improve the quality of life of the population and the environment.

Since November 2016, the Community has gathered seven territorial cooperation projects co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and almost 100 organisations (public authorities, private companies, universities, NGOs and international organisations) from 12 Euro-Mediterranean countries. In this second phase the Community has the opportunity to bring the capitalisation process to the next level by providing local authorities with a tailor-made support to implement the replicable solutions developed and tested by our Community.

The Urban Transports Community is lead by MedCities (Barcelona, Spain), in partnership with UNIMED Mediterranean Universities Union (Rome, Italy),  Area Science Park (Trieste, Italy), CODATU (Lyon, France), CIVINET CY-EL (Cyprus-Greece), Polis Network, Cities and Regions for transport innovation (Brussels, Belgium), and Durres Municipality (Durres, Albania).

The territorial cooperation projects of Urban Transports are:

  • CAMPSUMP Campus Sustainable University mobility plans in MED areas
  • EnerNETMob, Mediterranean Interregional Electromobility Networks for intermodal and interurban low carbon transport systems
  • LOCATIONS Low Carbon Transport in Cruise Destination Cities
  • MOBILITAS MOBility for nearly-zero CO2 in medITerranean tourism destinAtionS
  • MOTIVATE Promoting citizens’ active involvement in the development of Sustainable Travel Plans in Med Cities with Seasonal Demand
  • REMEDIO REgenerating mixed-use MED urban communities congested by traffic through Innovative low carbon mobility solutions
  • SUMPORT Sustainable Urban Mobility in MED PORT cities
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