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By Simone Bosetti / Atnaujinta: 29 Sep 2021
Innovations in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans for low-carbon urban transport.


InnovaSUMP project aims at introducing:

  • New innovations, enhancements and advances in preparation, elaboration, consultation, adoption, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs), based on the EU established methodology (Clean transport, Urban transport; Eltis), for sustainable low-carbon urban transport and mobility policies and measures promotion, funding, implementation and enhancement.
  • Policies and measures that promote the use of and investments in sustainable mobility solutions, can be included in SUMPs, i.e.: high quality PT systems, alternative/clean fuels, electric vehicles, smart ticketing, urban freight logistics, active modes of cycling and walking, new forms of car ownership and use, access control, congestion charging, fair and efficient pricing, ICT mobile applications, ITS transport telematics infrastructure, FTS/DRT, Intermodality improvements for ‘seamless’ travel, links with Smart Cities mobility initiatives, etc; including stakeholder engagement, public participation, consultation procedures, social media applications, policy formulation and adoption by city and transport authorities, polycentric SUMP approach for regional and district authorities (PolySUMP). These measures are some examples that can be implemented by cities.
  • Policy and institutional implications for advances in implementing and funding innovative sustainable mobility solutions.
  • Contribution of SUMP process innovations to: urban regeneration, social inclusion, equity considerations, economy, competitiveness, effective PPPs, citizen society empowerment, cohesion, links with the ‘Urban Mobility Package 2013’, links with SEAP, mid-term review of White paper and Europe2020 targets.
  • Enhancements to SUMP Methodology: Promotion of low-carbon mobility solutions, Travel behaviour research and potential user response analyses, Integrating pricing and financing measures, Planning for visitors at tourism destinations, campaigns, assessments, ITS and ICT Applications.
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