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By Admin Eltis / Atnaujinta: 13 Apr 2022

ADVANCE aimed to improve the urban transport systems in European cities. It supports cities and municipalities on their way towards a more sustainable urban mobility, thus assisting them to set up and improve the quality of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) and policies.
Advanve developed and tested and applied an audit scheme to increase the quality of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

Member status: 
Past member
Key deliverables: 

State of the Art report of SUMPs and audit scheme

Final ADVANCE Audit Scheme including guidelines  EN  DE  ES  EL FR NL PL RO SK SWE

Advance Questionnaire: EN DE  ES FR NL PL RO SI SK SWE

Discussion Paper ADVANCE-QUEST

Report about all local action plans (test cities)

Brochure for cities EN FR CAT DE EL ES FR NL PL RO SI SK

Advance Handbook for Trainers

Advance Training Documents

Contract period: 
nuo Birželis, 2011 iki Birželis, 2014