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  1. Tool
    08 September 2011

    Guidance on walking audits

    2327 reads Walking audits are a good way to raise awareness of the importance of walking and to identify and solve specific problems in the pedestrian environment. On a walking audit, key stakeholders and...

  2. Tool
    02 September 2011

    Investing in space for pedestrians

    2733 reads Living Streets, a campaigning organisation that promotes walking, has produced a report reviewing the evidence for the benefits of investing in walkable public spaces. It presents successful case...

  3. Tool
    15 August 2011

    Cycling policy and implementation

    1753 reads The PRESTO project has produced four guides on general cycling policy, infrastructure, promotion and electric cycling. Transport decision-makers and practitioners can use these to get a detailed...

  4. Tool
    12 August 2011

    Developing and improving bicycle parking

    1979 reads This brochure, created during the BICY project, gives detailed information about quality criteria, site-planning and determination of parking needs for bicycle parking facilities. It is available...

  5. Tool
    06 July 2011

    OBIS Handbook- optimising bike-sharing in Europe

    4909 reads Bike-sharing schemes, once the domain of capitals and major cities, are becoming increasingly common in Europe's cities and towns. The experiences of bike-sharing schemes in ten European...

  6. Training material
    30 June 2011

    Budapest bicycling: which way forward?

    5476 reads In this training material background information is given on the cycling history in Budapest, how cycling in the city has grown into a critical mass and what influence this can have on cycling...

  7. Training material
    30 June 2011

    An introduction to cycling

    8754 reads Cycling is often the key element of successfully encouraging clean urban transport. Cycling is emission-free and doesn’t need energy (except human power) and fuels. This means that cycling is...

  8. Tool
    16 May 2011

    Promoting awareness of cycling

    1887 reads European societies and health systems are suffering from the consequences of increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Urgent action is required to raise Europeans' level of activity, which...

  9. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Walking and cycling

    3992 reads Walking and cycling are emission-free modes of transport that do not need energy (except human power) and fuels. This means that walking and cycling are very compatible for urban mobility....

  10. Training material
    01 March 2011

    Modern and efficient public transport system

    24226 reads A modern and high-quality public transport is the backbone of urban transport. Against the door-to-door trip by private car, a more sustainable model of public transport should offer passengers...