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  1. News
    30 March 2022

    Commission revamps EAFO–EU database for alternative fuels infrastructure

    The fully revamped European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO3.0) has been launched by the European Commission. The upgraded Observatory is more user-friendly, the data is of a higher quality, and a...

  2. News
    18 March 2022

    Application of Traction Supply System for Charging Electric Cars

    The development of electromobility involves the development of electric car charging infrastructure. The increase in the number of chargers poses new demands for the AC power grid. As an alternative for the...

  3. News
    17 March 2022

    What will happen to used EV batteries in the future?

    633 reads In the next decade, the number of returned electric vehicle batteries (EVBs) is expected to surge. By 2030 there will be 111,000 tonnes (or 25 GWh) of end-of-life EVBs in Europe, while almost 500...

  4. Event
    06 July 2022

    CIVITAS Park4SUMP High Level Meeting- Electric vehicle deployment: Parking matters!

    350 reads Language English The rapid, scaled installation of EV chargers brings many challenges. This high-level meeting held by POLIS on behalf of Horizon 2020 projects PARK4SUMP, USER-CHI and...

  5. News
    14 March 2022

    Austrian Post to only purchase zero-emission vehicles

    Austrian Post has announced that it is to stop purchasing fossil-fuelled vehicles and that it will instead develop its vehicle fleet with only electric vehicles. ...

  6. News
    11 March 2022

    Implementation of fast charger infrastructure for e-buses started in Maribor

    The Municipality of Maribor is developing solutions for energy-efficient public transport by planning the electrification of their bus fleet. ...

  7. Event
    27 June 2022

    POLIS Air Quality & Clean Vehicles Working Group Meeting: Smart solutions for electromobility

    268 reads Language English POLIS' Air Quality & Clean Vehicles Working Group will meet in person to discuss findings from leading electromobility projects and their transferability in European...

  8. News
    28 February 2022

    Hungary pilots its first hydrogen bus route

    Budapest is home to a three-week pilot of a hydrogen bus service, which forms part of a wider strategy on hydrogen use in Hungary. ...

  9. Event
    23 June 2022

    Future City Tech 2022

    1019 reads Language English English Over 30 demonstrations with start-ups in Energy & Public Realm are waiting for you at Future City Tech 2022 conference on 23-24 June 2022  in the City of Říčany ...

  10. Event
    21 June 2022

    EV Charging Infrastructure Forum 2022

    546 reads Language English EV CHARGING INFRASTRUCTURE FORUM The growth of the electric vehicle market continues to play a pivotal role in the decarbonisation of the transport sector across Europe and a...