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  1. News
    23 June 2022

    COVID-19 Impacts on Cycling in Europe and North America

    The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed the way we accessed society. Research by Virginia Tech provides detailed analysis of how pro-cycling measures were introduced during and after the pandemic and some...

  2. Event
    19 September 2022

    Walk21 Ireland

    235 reads Language English 22nd Walk21 International Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities English Since the first edition in 2000, the Walk21 International Conference Series on Walking and...

  3. Event
    12 September 2022

    Study Trip about Planning and Promotion of Cycling in Denmark

    333 reads Language English Learn about Danish cycle planning- and try the cycle facilities yourself. English Planning and Promotion of Cycling in Denmark- Study Trip 12-14 September, 2022 Denmark, and...

  4. News
    03 June 2022

    3 June is World Bicycle Day

    Today, 3 June 2022, is World Bicycle Day, which celebrates how increasing the amount we cycle benefits us in a number of ways. ...

  5. Event
    31 August 2022

    Health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) Europe 2022 Conference

    405 reads Language English WHO/Europe is aiming to raise the profile of physical activity as a health determinant in the WHO European Region. Europe’s biggest event promoting health-enhancing physical...

  6. News
    26 May 2022

    Dublin City Council chief seeks to ‘aggressively restrict’ space for cars

    Dublin City Council chief executive, Owen Keegan, told a cycling symposium in Dublin that road space for car needs to be severely restricted by providing more protected cycle lanes in the city and...

  7. News
    19 May 2022

    Slovenian automobile association donates bicycles to modest families

    AMZS’ ‘Bicycles for everyone’ project distributed 300 donated bicycles to children from modest families during its first 7 months. ...

  8. News
    13 May 2022


    Bikes for Ukraine invites the whole world to support Ukraine and join international campaign #BikesForUkraine. ...

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    02 May 2022

    Cycling is still on the rise in Brussels

    Brussels is continuing to see an increase in the number of cyclists in the city, a growth being driven by dedicated active travel planning that is continuing to be expanded. ...

  10. News
    29 April 2022

    Brno shared bicycle service to offer 30 minutes free use

    Brno is supporting residents who want to cycle to work by opening free use time slots for the local bike sharing service. ...