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  1. News
    18 February 2021

    Poland proposes new legislation for e-scooters and other personal transport devices

    Electric scooters on the streets of Warsaw old town as eco-friendly modern urban transport. ...

  2. Event
    06 October 2021

    SUM Bilbao 2021

    6-7 October 2021. A two-day conference covering all aspects of sustainable urban mobility including energy transition, governance and funding, and technology innovation. ...

  3. News
    15 February 2021

    New European coalition to promote micromobility

    A new coalition has formed involving eight of Europe’s leading names in micromobilty to promote the new mode of urban transport across Europe. ...

  4. News
    29 January 2021

    Car sharing promotes mobility turnaround in Luxembourg- MOQO app assures easy operation and good service

    Luxembourg is working intensively on its transport revolution, with its nationwide car sharing system being further expanded. ...

  5. News
    22 January 2021

    Norwegian shared mobility provider Bilkollektivet chooses MOQO- Environmentally friendly mobility concept with high...

    More and more people than ever before are signing up to Bilkollektivet, a cooperative founded 25 years ago in Oslo and the oldest car sharing provider in the country. Every month 400 to 500 new people...

  6. News
    04 January 2021

    Data sharing framework looks to accelerate the use of London car clubs

    A new framework has been launched to enable data sharing between London boroughs and car club operators, with the aim of encouraging the use of car clubs in London. ...

  7. News
    16 December 2020

    New CIVITAS e-publication reveals daring mobility measures in seven cities

    2920 reads Learning from your city peers as if you were visiting them- how is that supposed to work during a global health pandemic? As traditional face-to-face peer exchanges could not be organised this...

  8. News
    04 December 2020

    Shared Mobility Report 2020

    2284 reads A market study has analysed the development of the shared mobility economy. The study goes on to develop a structured and clear presentation of the shared mobility economy's manifold...

  9. News
    24 November 2020

    Public bicycle system to connect urban agglomeration of Split

    1391 reads The Croatian city of Split has announced the creation of a city-wide public bike sharing scheme to improve connectivity within the city. “From Trogir to Podstrana, Split to Dicmo” is the guiding...

  10. News
    17 November 2020

    Bristol and Bath launch 12-month e-scooter trials

    The UK cities of Bath and Bristol have launched a 12-month e-scooter trial with provider Voi. ...