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    17 May 2022

    Call for tender: Sustainable rural mobility for COVID-19 resilience and support of ecotourism

    A call for tender has been published for procedure SMARTA 3 on sustainable rural mobility for COVID-19 resilience and support of ecotourism. The deadline is 14 June 2022. ...

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    11 May 2022

    Climate Governance in the framework of the SUMP process focusing on climate mitigation planning

    Join the knowledge consolidation workshop organised on 20 May 2022, focussing on the SUMP process and climate mitigation planning. ...

  3. News
    29 April 2022

    Planning for Attractive Public Transport: submit feedback now on the draft SUMP Topic Guide

    With the launch of the draft Topic Guide on Public Transport in the mobility planning and implementation process in order to achieve more attractive Public Transport, the public is invited to participate in...

  4. News
    29 April 2022

    Horizon Europe calls for funding launched

    The European Commission launches 3 calls for funding on 28 April 2022 under Cluster 5: Climate, Energy and Mobility of the Horizon Europe programme ...

  5. News
    28 April 2022

    Urban Mobility Days Conference 2022

    Urban Mobility Days 2022- 20-22 September, Brno, Czech Republic. ...

  6. News
    13 April 2022

    Logistics stakeholder engagement – Civitas FastTrack Capacity Building Week

    ULaaDS stakeholder engagement experts took part in the Civitas FastTrack Capacity Building Week. The session focused on Setting up logistics fora, an approach for stakeholder engagement developed and tested...

  7. News
    08 April 2022

    European Commission seeks feedback on potential measures surrounding access to in-vehicle data

    The European Commission has published a call for evidence as well as an open public consultation seeking to learn about opinions on a proposal on access to vehicle resources, functions and data. ...

  8. News
    24 March 2022

    Female Innovators in Urban Mobility Program 2022

    Join the Female Innovators in Urban Mobility Program 2022, empowering more women to take on leading roles in shaping the mobility of tomorrow. ...

  9. News
    23 March 2022

    Commission seeks views on revision of EU driving licences and cross-border enforcement legislation

    The European Commission has launched two road safety public consultations and is inviting citizens and other interested parties to express their views. ...

  10. News
    14 March 2022

    Smart City Challenge Leipzig 2022

    The City of Leipzig started 2022 with the organisation of the innovation competition 'Smart City Challenge Leipzig 2022'. The application deadline is 8 April 2022. ...