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  1. News
    16 October 2022

    Re-live Urban Mobility Days 2022

    Access the recordings and material from the Urban Mobility Days conference which took place on 20-22 September 2022. ...

  2. Event
    14 December 2022

    Mediterranean cities and climate change: making the urban transport sector more resilient and less impactful

    27 lectures Langue Anglais Make urban mobility more resilient to climate change English On 14 December 2022 at 10:00- 11:30 CET, UNIMED, in collaboration with Area Science Park and MedCities, is holding the...

  3. News
    05 October 2022

    Study highlights effective ways to reduce car use in cities

    A recent study screened hundreds of car reduction initiatives and identified 12 successful interventions, including limited traffic zones and congestion charges. ...

  4. Tool
    09 December 2022

    SUMP-PLUS: Carbon Reduction Strategy Support Tool

    The Carbon Reduction Strategy Support Tool has been developed to fill that knowledge gap and assist cities in identifying a suitable mix of high-level policy strategies, and their timings, that will achieve...

  5. News
    03 October 2022

    Study on the social dimension of the transport system regarding users and passengers

    A report has been published which presents the findings of the study on the social dimension of the future EU transport system regarding users and passengers. ...

  6. Tool
    06 December 2022

    Policy Brief on Urban Mobility Adaptation to Climate Change

    278 de afişări 'Urban Mobility Adaptation to Climate Change' is the topic of the fourth Policy Brief issued by the Urban Transports Community. This policy brief describes the main impacts of...

  7. News
    29 September 2022

    New report on gender diversity in the transport sector

    New ITF report warns a lack of gender diversity in its workforce and leadership is undermining the transport sector's net zero carbon targets. ...

  8. News
    20 September 2022

    Urban Mobility Days Conference 2022- Currently underway

    The Urban Mobility Days Conference 2022 is now underway. This year’s theme is ‘Moving people and goods more sustainably.’ ...

  9. News
    20 September 2022

    Research and Innovation in Urban Mobility, Logistics and Public Transport

    The Joint Research Committee (JRC) have recently published two reports focused on research and innovation in urban mobility and logistics, and public transport. ...

  10. News
    13 September 2022

    New Urban Agenda for the EU Partnerships on Greening Cities and Sustainable Tourism: Call for partners closes 16...

    Two Thematic Partnerships are being formed under the Urban Agenda for the EU (UAEU): Sustainable Tourism and Greening Cities. ...