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  1. News
    14 June 2022

    European Cargo Bike Industry Surveys 2022

    The annual cargo bike industry surveys for manufacturers and operators are now open, running until 18 June 2022. ...

  2. News
    02 June 2022

    Gothenburg focusing on reducing emissions from waste collection

    The Swedish city of Gothenburg is seeing the results of its actions over the last seven years to reduce emissions from the city's fleet of waste collection trucks. ...

  3. Case study
    23 September 2021

    Large-scale introduction of cargo bikes – a game changer for European cities

    Cargo bikes are the solution to urban transport problems. Cities have many options to foster the uptake and roll-out of cargo bikes, and there are many good practice examples, as well as supportive community...

  4. News
    27 May 2022

    Subsidies for Italian businesses purchasing cargo bikes

    Any Italian company or business activity that invested in the purchase of a cargo bike for its daily activities in 2021 will now be able to receive up to 30% of the total expense, up to a maximum of EUR 2...

  5. News
    18 April 2022

    Data-driven decision support tools for Urban Freight Transport (UFT) planning

    Read about how there is a way we can better understand, optimise and plan Urban Freight Transport processes, by using one of the key resources of our time: data. ...

  6. News
    13 April 2022

    Logistics stakeholder engagement – Civitas FastTrack Capacity Building Week

    ULaaDS stakeholder engagement experts took part in the Civitas FastTrack Capacity Building Week. The session focused on Setting up logistics fora, an approach for stakeholder engagement developed and tested...

  7. News
    29 March 2022

    Meet the ULaaDS Follower Cities: Milan, Gdynia, Leuven & Helmond

    The ULaaDS team is excited to reveal the four selected 'Follower cities' that will join the project's first study visit in Mechelen, Belgium, on 16-17 May 2022. ...

  8. News
    21 March 2022

    Smart parcel lockers trialled in Groningen

    ULaaDS, an EU-funded project, will deploy smart parcel lockers in a park-and-ride in Groningen, as a potential innovative solution to addressing last mile problems in urban areas. ...

  9. News
    10 March 2022

    Gothenburg tests logistics optimisation using micro-mobility vehicles

    Gothenburg tests delivery optimisation for last-mile freight practices that aims to reduce the number of transport vehicles to the inner-city area by 40%. ...

  10. News
    04 March 2022

    How to kickstart sustainable urban logistics initiatives

    932 reads Logistics plays a key role in our daily lives. Rising urban populations, economic activities and new trends naturally lead to an increase in logistics activities. Although the word logistics tends...