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  1. News
    20 January 2023

    Lille plans to pay motorists to leave their car

    The European Metropolis of Lille (MEL) has announced a bold new measure to persuade drivers to leave their car during rush hours- paying car drivers who give up driving alone during rush hour on the most...

  2. Case study
    17 August 2022

    The Experiment of the Summer Street in Turku

    In 2021, Turku decided to run an experiment to test what a street design focused on people would look like and how specific stakeholder groups would react to it. ...

  3. News
    18 November 2022

    Two new Digital Europe Programme calls on mobility and smart communities

    The Digital Europe Programme has released two new calls for proposals on the deployment of the data space for mobility and for smart communities. The Digital Europe Programme aims to reinforce the EU’s core...

  4. News
    28 October 2022

    Nantes is to vary parking tariffs depending on people's income

    The French city of Nantes is to differentiate its parking fees according to household income. The move is to ensure that those on low incomes are not disproportionately affected by changes to the city's...

  5. News
    19 October 2022

    Re-live Urban Mobility Days 2022

    The presentations and recordings from Urban Mobility Days 2022 are now available for you to revisit the event in full. ...

  6. News
    16 October 2022

    Re-live Urban Mobility Days 2022

    Access the recordings and material from the Urban Mobility Days conference which took place on 20-22 September 2022. ...

  7. News
    10 October 2022

    New SUMP Topic Guide on Parking and SUMP

    A new SUMP Topic Guide on using parking management to achieve SUMP objectives effectively and sustainably is now available. ...

  8. News
    06 October 2022

    European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) Report: Reducing Child Deaths on European Roads

    The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) is calling for renewed action and targets to protect children in the European Union (EU) following stark figures in their latest report. ...

  9. News
    04 October 2022

    Vienna revamps its public spaces to cool the city and support liveable cities

    Vienna’s campaign “Raus aus dem Asphalt” (Get rid of the asphalt) is changing public spaces from soil sealed areas for cars to liveable cool green spaces for active modes and people. ...

  10. Tool
    09 December 2022

    The use of transport models in transport planning and project appraisal

    16 lecturas The outputs from a Transport Model can provide essential insight into the understanding of an existing or future transport problem, thereby supporting infrastructure design and operational...