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  1. News
    07 August 2023

    From 2029, electric cars to incur fewer costs than diesel vehicles in Slovakia

    According to a study undertaken for Slovakia, electric cars could save their buyers €2,500 compared to their diesel equivalent five years before the EU's combustion engine ban comes into force. ...

  2. News
    26 July 2023

    New electric buses acquired for South West Germany

    A regional public transport company in South West Germany, Südwestdeutsche Landesverkehrs GmbH, has ordered up to 25 new electric buses from Dutch manufacturer Ebusco, which will be put into operation in the...

  3. News
    20 July 2023

    Study Finds: Shared E-Scooters Offer Environmental Benefits

    Researchers at UCL have assessed the environmental impacts of shared e-scooters, based on use data from a trial conducted in Bristol and a Life Cycle Assessment based on raw data provided by Voi and...

  4. News
    14 July 2023

    Urban Air Mobility: Past, present and future

    Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is shaking up transport in cities and regions. UAM was once on the fringe of discussions around the future of transport, however, it is now hitting the mainstream, and is rapidly...

  5. News
    05 July 2023

    European Commission approves €179.5 million state aid to robo-taxi project

    European Commission has approved EUR 179.5 million aid to Rimac Automobili's robo-taxi project, an innovative urban mobility service based on fully autonomous electric vehicles, which is being trialed...

  6. News
    30 June 2023

    New anode technologies for electric vehicle batteries

    COBRA's new Market Intelligence Report looks deeper into opportunities and challenges related to EVs and new anode technologies, based on the most recent research and commercial developments. ...

  7. News
    29 June 2023

    Attitudes to electric cars on the rise in Finland

    A survey of the Finnish Information Centre of the Automobile Sector predicts sharp increases of fully electric cars at the vehicles fleet meeting 70% in 2030. ...

  8. News
    22 June 2023

    Copenhagen Pride parade first to use only electric trucks

    Copenhagen Pride parade, which takes place on 19 August, has announced that the floats will only be using electric trucks (EVs). ...

  9. Event
    29 June 2023

    eCharge4Drivers project workshop

    184 lectures Langue Anglais The EU-funded project eCharge4Driver s is organising an External Interest Group (EIG) workshop in Barcelona, Spain,  on 29 June 2023.  The  eCharge4Drivers  project aims to...

  10. Event
    26 June 2023

    Hydrogen in Mobility

    14 čitanja Jezik Engleski 'Hydrogen in Mobility: from learning to replicating' webinar will take place on 26 June 2023, 14:00-16:00 CET. Hydrogen plays an increasingly role in tackling climate...