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  1. News
    25 April 2023

    Glasgow is preparing for the start of its Low Emission Zone in June 2023

    Glasgow in the United Kingdom is currently installing the necessary infrastructure, as well as raising public awareness, for the start of its Low Emission Zone, which is due to begin operation on 1 June 2023...

  2. Case study
    15 December 2022

    Restricting car access to the old town area of Bielefeld

    Bielefeld started its project “altstadt.raum” (‘old town space’) in January 2021, with the main objective being to strengthen the functions of the Old Town as an attractive and liveable space for socialising...

  3. News
    23 February 2023

    Glasgow to introduce a citywide 20mph speed limit

    Glasgow plans to roll out a citywide 20mph speed limits within the next 18 months as part of a £4.5m programme. ...

  4. News
    13 February 2023

    Warsaw to install ‘clean transport zone’ by 2024

    Warsaw intends to install a 'clean transport zone' starting from 2024. The first phase of the zone will see a ban on diesel cars that meet the Euro 3 emissions standards, or older standards, as...

  5. News
    12 January 2023

    The Chain Bridge in Budapest reopens only to public transport, bikes and taxis

    The Chain Bridge in Budapest is now open only to public transport, bikes and taxis, and it will be to pedestrians in 2023. ...

  6. News
    13 December 2022

    Kraków will be first Polish city to ban older cars

    Kraków is the first Polish city to introduce bans on older cars in order to improve air quality. The city's planned 'clean transport zone' will cover the entire city and will start in mid 2024...

  7. News
    05 December 2022

    ReVeAL toolkit to develop good practice UVARs

    The EU Horizon 2020 project ReVeAL produced a toolkit to support decision makers in the process of planning and implementing UVARs. ...

  8. News
    02 December 2022

    Brussels bans mopeds not meeting Euro 5 by 2025

    Brussels bans mopeds from its Low Emission Zone that do not meet Euro 5 emission standards, starting in 2025. ...

  9. News
    19 October 2022

    Re-live Urban Mobility Days 2022

    The presentations and recordings from Urban Mobility Days 2022 are now available for you to revisit the event in full. ...

  10. News
    16 October 2022

    Re-live Urban Mobility Days 2022

    Access the recordings and material from the Urban Mobility Days conference which took place on 20-22 September 2022. ...