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  1. Event
    01 September 2023

    DUT 2nd Call 2023: Deadline of 21 November

    631 Aufrufe Sprache Englisch The European Partnership Driving Urban Transitions (DUT)  2nd Call to support transnational research and/or innovation projects for cities to address their urban challenges will...

  2. Tool
    23 August 2023

    CIVITAS FastTrack- Governance, Participation, Cooperation, and Co-creation FactSheet

    New governance arrangements that foreground participation and cooperation are needed to ensure that mobility and transport systems are transformed as soon as possible, and in a sustainable and long-lasting...

  3. News
    18 July 2023

    Driving Urban Transitions: DUT Call 2023 and 15-minute City mapping survey

    The European DUT Partnership has launched a 2nd Call to support transnational research and/or innovation projects for cities to address their urban challenges and a mapping survey to establish a...

  4. News
    14 July 2023

    Innovative Actions: meet the winners of the first call!

    The 14 selected projects of the first EUI- Innovative Actions call were announced during the NEB in Regions and Cities event in Brussels. ...

  5. News
    23 June 2023

    Mobility decision makers discuss the future of urban mobility

    Local leaders from cities and regions across Europe joined leaders from the industry, NGOs, operators, new mobility providers, think tanks and international policymakers for a frank, honest and collaborative...

  6. News
    15 June 2023

    Register now for Urban Mobility Days 2023

    Registration for Urban Mobility Days 2023, taking place from 4-6 October in Seville, Spain, is now open! ...

  7. News
    14 June 2023

    EUI launches Second Innovative Actions call for proposals

    The European Urban Initiative (EUI) officially launched its Second Innovative Actions Call on 31 May with an indicative budget of EUR 120 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). ...

  8. Event
    04 July 2023

    EUI supporting integrated approaches to sustainable urban development

    31 čitanje Jezik Engleski The aim of the European Urban Initiative (EUI) two-day event from 4-5 July 2023 in Ljubljana, Slovenia is to support urban authorities from small and medium cities within less...

  9. News
    27 April 2023

    Save the date for Urban Mobility Days 2023

    Save the Date for Urban Mobility Days 2023 taking place from 4-6 October in Seville, Spain. As 2023 is the European Year of Skills, Urban Mobility Days will have a specific focus on transport skills. ...

  10. News
    27 April 2023

    Registration is open for European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2023!

    The Sustainable Energy community will be gathering on 20–22 June 2023 in Brussels and online for European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2023. This year will be about accelerating the transition to clean...