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  1. Event
    07 October 2023

    Busworld Europe 2023

    813 lectures Langue Anglais Busworld Europe is one of the largest and most renowned bus and coach exhibitions in the world. The next edition of Busworld Europe will take place in Brussels from 7 to 12...

  2. News
    18 September 2023

    A new bus company has revolutionised transport on Skiathos

    A new bus company is delivering efficient, affordable and inclusive bus services to the Greek island of Skiathos. ...

  3. News
    11 September 2023

    The role of "climate tickets" in encouraging public transport use

    The use of "climate tickets" to encourage public transport, must be implemented alongside increases in public transport capacity and quality, so that the system can transport the additional...

  4. News
    06 September 2023

    Austria offered free public transport pass for a tattoo

    In order to get more people travelling on public transport, the Austrian climate ministry and Klimaticket embarked on a unique and divisive campaign this summer: offering free public transport for a year to...

  5. News
    22 August 2023

    Making sustainable mobility work for everyone

    Our ability (and inability) to travel plays a crucial role in how we lead our daily lives. In our journey towards employing more sustainable modes of transport, no one should be relegated to the sidelines. ...

  6. News
    21 August 2023

    Alicante City Council launches free bus services for people under 31 years

    In a bid to support families grappling with economic challenges, inflation, and rising costs, Alicante City Council has introduced a series of measures aimed at easing transportation burdens for residents. ...

  7. News
    27 July 2023

    Stavanger is the first Norwegian city to offer free public transport for residents

    The Norwegian city of Stavanger has become the first in the country to provide free public transport to residents, with the aim of encouraging them to use public transport rather than cars and to also help...

  8. News
    06 July 2023

    Bucharest: Public consultation for the expansion of the tram network

    The 11 km proposed route will connect the neighbourhoods of Berceni and Pantelimon, crossing the Dâmbovița river and ensuring the metro-tram connection. ...

  9. Case study
    05 June 2023

    Le Mans and Poitiers choose RGB LED Passenger Information Displays to enhance their mobility infrastructure

    Le Mans and Poitiers to improve their mobility infrastructure, specifically in the context of passenger information displays at the bus stations. ...

  10. News
    28 June 2023

    The first bus rapid transit service was launched in Madrid

    The BRT service will connect the Valdebebas neighbourhood with the Hospital Ramón y Cajal in the north of the city. ...