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    14 August 2023

    New data shows impact of rental e-scooters on urban mobility

    Recent data released by Transport for London revealed that 6.5% of trips using the city's rental e-scooters replaced a journey that would otherwise have been taken in a car. ...

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    08 June 2023

    Krakow to crack down on e-scooter parking

    The City of Krakow has announced measures to crack down on the parking of e-scooters in the city. E-scooters should be parked in designated spaces. City officials will patrol to identify e-scooters that are...

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    26 April 2023

    After the Paris ban, what’s next for e-scooters?

    17 lecturas Whichever grievances prompted Parisians to vote out shared electric scooters on the 2 April referendum, it was undoubtedly the same set of concerns that other cities struggle with: poor parking,...

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    21 April 2023

    Estonian authorities discuss parking and lower speed limits for e-scooters

    Estonian state and local authorities discuss amendments to the Traffic Act that allow municipalities to set own rules for electric scooters’ speed limits and parking together with e-scooter service providers...

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    17 April 2023

    Paris bans shared e-scooters after a public consultation

    Paris has held a public vote on the future of shared e-scooters in the city, in which close to 90% of those voting supported preventing shared e-scooter services from operating in the French capital. ...

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    13 April 2023

    Fluctuo's latest Shared Mobility Index report now available

    New Fluctuo report says Europeans spent €3.1 billion on shared mobility services in 2022. ...

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    30 March 2023

    Saving digital privacy from shared mobility in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam's City Data Standard for Mobility (CDS-M) is a new data-sharing manual allowing cities to research mobility data while respecting users' privacy rights.  ...

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    15 February 2023

    Riga to seek more control over e-scooters for cities in Latvia

    The Latvian parliament (Saeima) is set to vote to grant municipalities the power to regulate and monitor the use of electric scooters on their streets, as they currently feel restricted in maintaining order....

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    31 January 2023

    First-of-its-kind incident data involving shared e-scooters published

    Industry association Micro-Mobility for Europe has shed light on the debate around the safety of shared e-scooters by providing aggregated incident data from its six founding members on the volume and...

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    24 January 2023

    Helsinki plans to install fixed parking areas for e-scooters

    The City of Helsinki plans to re-dedicate some car parking spaces as e-scooter parking areas in an attempt to stop e-scooters being left anywhere in the city centre. ...