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  1. Case study
    08 September 2023
  2. Case study
    26 July 2023
  3. Case study
    26 July 2023

    HARMONY: The application of transport modelling in Turin

    This case-study presents the application of transport modelling in Turin to evaluate the impact of transport policies, to support land use and transport planning and the evaluation of the SUMP. ...

  4. Case study
    06 July 2023

    Brussels City 30 – changing the mobility model for a calmer city with safe roads and less noise

    “Good Move” is the sustainable urban mobility plan of the Brussels-Capital Region for the period 2020-2030. One of the first actions delivered by Good Move was to introduce a default region-wide speed limit...

  5. Case study
    20 June 2023

    Saving Energy through implementing Urban Mobility Measures

    Urban mobility measures have great energy-saving potential and can be implemented at a range of governance levels. This case study showcases some of the measures that have been implemented around the EU. ...

  6. Case study
    16 June 2023

    Sofia’s SUMP 2019-2035: Addressing Urban Mobility Challenges

    Sofia is trying to progressively develop sustainable mobility solutions and behaviour. Faced with high congestion and significant air pollution, the city has adopted an integrated approach to improve...

  7. Case study
    05 June 2023

    Le Mans and Poitiers choose RGB LED Passenger Information Displays to enhance their mobility infrastructure

    Le Mans and Poitiers to improve their mobility infrastructure, specifically in the context of passenger information displays at the bus stations. ...

  8. Case study
    10 May 2023

    Lessons from six cities implementing LEZs through the ReVeAL project

    The Horizon 2020 ReVeAL project – Regulating Vehicle Access for Improved Liveability – examined how UVARs could support cities to develop new mobility management strategies, as well as explored the...

  9. Case study
    29 March 2023

    Venezia in Classe A: Improving home-school and home-work journeys in Venice (Italy)

    Through the Venezia in Classe A project, the City of Venice developed a new mobility plan for daily home-school and home-work journeys to promote new forms of sustainable mobility. ...

  10. Case study
    20 March 2023

    Co-development and co-implementation of sustainable mobility measures in the Törökőr neighbourhood of Budapest

    This case study shares how to develop, implement, assess and facilitate co-learning about new, collaborative ways to address common urban mobility challenges at the urban district level through neighbourhood...