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  1. Event
    09 October 2024

    The International Mobility Summit

    tours, fireside chats and side events, and robust debates. Topics to be addressed include: Automation ...

  2. Event
    16 September 2024

    ITS World Congress 2024

    will showcase the latest technologies adopted by the city of Dubai, host of the event, together with ...

  3. Event
    11 September 2024

    ICSD 2024: 12th International Conference on Sustainable Development

    1812 reads Language English Sustainable Development Conference ICSD 2024 English The European Center of Sustainable Development, in collaboration with the Canadian Institute of Technology, will organise the...

  4. Event
    24 June 2024

    EUBCE 2024 – 32nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

    event is supported by the Circular Bio-Based Europe Joint Undertaking. Be part of the 32nd European ...

  5. Event
    11 June 2024

    EUSEW 2024

    Sustainable Energy Days will also be taking place around the world in the lead-up to the event. You can play ... an active role in the event by hosting a policy session, participating in the Awards...

  6. Event
    15 April 2024


    Systems Collaborative Digitalisation TRA2024 is an event tailored to professionals from the research and ...

  7. Event
    02 April 2024

    Connecting Europe Days 2024

    3 reads Language English Connecting Europe Days 2024 conference will take place 2-5 April in Brussels, Belgium. It brings together politicians, financial institutions, industry representatives, transport...

  8. Event
    05 February 2024

    RTR Conference 2024

    5 reads Language English The European Conference on Results from Research Projects on Road Transport (RTR Conference) will return for a 7th time in Brussels, Belgium from 5-7 February 2024. Registration and...

  9. Event
    07 December 2023

    DyMon Webinar: Digitally-enabled behaviour change for sustainable mobility

    prečítané 32x Jazyk Angličtina When it comes to promoting sustainable mobility, local decision-makers (e.g. city representatives, transport planners and providers) have the choice between two options. “...

  10. Event
    06 December 2023

    Transport at COP28

    519 lecturas Idioma Inglés In the three decades since the Rio Summit and the launch of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Conference of the Parties to the Convention (COP) has...