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  1. Case study
    10 September 2019
  2. Case study
    04 June 2020

    Co-creating multimodal pilot areas in Riga

    On 01 June 2018, an Urban Planning Workshop was held in Riga. The goal of the Urban Planning Workshop was to bring together the minds and the diverse experiences of urban planners, residents of the specific...

  3. Case study
    14 July 2020
  4. Case study
    23 July 2020

    Overview of policy relating to e-scooters in European countries

    The increased use and availability of e-scooters (electric scooters) in cities brings opportunities for sustainable modes and challenges for those managing the public space. This Eltis case study explores...

  5. Case study
    23 July 2020
  6. Case study
    09 October 2020
  7. Case study
    29 October 2020
  8. Case study
    12 October 2020
  9. Case study
    10 May 2021
  10. Case study
    16 November 2021

    Road safety coaching for municipalities across the Flemish region

    The Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge (VSV) is rolling out a comprehensive programme of road safety training and an awareness campaign that is supporting the achievement of the vision zero across the...