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  1. Facts & figures
    01 January 2012

    Eurostat urban audit

    5911 reads Eurostat's urban audit records data on a number of different themes. For transport, percentages of journeys undertaken by different modes are shown for major cities in EU countries. Data...

  2. Facts & figures
    06 June 2014

    Air quality in European cities

    4215 reads Air Quality in Europe provides data for the roadside and background air quality situation in European cities in a comparable and easily understandable way as all detailed measurements are...

  3. Facts & figures
    01 November 2014

    APTA Public Transport Fact Book

    4639 reads The Public Transportation Fact Book, published annually, contains national aggregate statistical data covering all aspects of the transit industry in the United States and Canada. Major sections...

  4. Facts & figures
    01 August 2013

    Austrian cycling in numbers

    4350 reads Radverkehr in Zahlen (Bicycle traffic in figures) is an Austrian report about cycling. It gives a statistical overview about cycling traffic from a number of different perspectives including ...

  5. Facts & figures
    06 June 2014

    Swiss Mobility and Transport: Statistics

    4589 reads The Swiss Federal Statistics Offices regularly publishes mobility and transport related statistics for Switzerland. In addition, there is an annual publication: The Mobility and Transport Pocket...

  6. Facts & figures
    06 June 2014

    Transport Statistics Great Britain

    4268 reads Transport Statistics Great Britain (TSGB) is the UK Department for Transport's main statistical compendium publication. It describes the major statistical trends in the British transport...

  7. Facts & figures
    06 June 2014

    AirBase- The European air quality database

    4928 reads AirBase is the European air quality database maintained by the EEA through its European topic centre on air pollution and climate change mitigation. It contains air quality monitoring data and...

  8. Facts & figures
    06 June 2014

    TEMS modal split tool

    7643 reads The EPOMM project's TEMS tool aims to show the transport modal split of all cities in the EU with more than 100 000 inhabitants, of which there are more than 600. It also contains a number...

  9. Facts & figures
    06 June 2014

    EU Transport in Figures: Statistical Pocketbook

    11144 reads This annual publication provides an overview of the most recent and most pertinent annual transport-related statistics in Europe. It covers the European Union and its 28 Member States and, as...

  10. Facts & figures
    06 June 2014

    Eurostat online transport databank

    4870 reads The Eurostat online section for transport contains general data on passenger and freight transport for air, rail, road and water transport. Most of the data are also available in the  EU...