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  1. News
    21 November 2023

    Cities call for improved regulation of foreign drivers in UVARs

    POLIS, Eurocities and 20 elected officials from cities around Europe have called for the European Parliament to improve the regulation of foreign drivers using UVARs. ...

  2. News
    06 November 2023

    Milan contemplates city centre car ban to improve urban air quality

    The Italian city of Milan's is considering banning cars in its city centre from 2024 to improve air quality and promote pedestrianisation. ...

  3. News
    23 October 2023

    Diesel and petrol cars will be banned in Stockholm's city centre from 2025

    Stockholm will ban diesel and petrol cars from entering a 20 block section of its city centre area from 31 December 2024. The city will discuss a further extension during the first half of 2025. ...

  4. News
    18 October 2023

    Re-live Urban Mobility Days 2023

    The Urban Mobility Days 2023 conference was held in Seville, Spain on 4-6 October 2023. For those who weren’t able to join the sessions live, or for those who want to re-live any part of the three days, we...

  5. News
    13 September 2023

    Drivers may be required to pay to access Prague's historic district

    Prague City Council is considering the introduction of an entry fee for cars that wish to drive into the city's historic centre, in order to reduce congestion. ...

  6. News
    08 September 2023

    Brussels went car free for a day in September 2023 as part of European Mobility Week

    Brussels embraced a car-free transformation, as it marked Sunday 17 September 2023 as an historic occasion when the entire capital city became Europe's largest car-free zone for a day. ...

  7. News
    31 August 2023

    Nine European cities paving the way for car-free living

    In many cases, pedestrianisation is usually localised to small parts of the city centre. However nine cities highlight cases where they have taken it a step further and created car-free street networks. ...

  8. News
    21 July 2023

    The future of UVARs: Urban Mobility Days explores

    As cities and regions seek to move away from car dependence and prioritise active travel, many are turning to UVARs for support. From 4-6 October, Urban Mobility Days will be exploring cutting edge...

  9. Case study
    10 May 2023

    Lessons from six cities implementing LEZs through the ReVeAL project

    The Horizon 2020 ReVeAL project – Regulating Vehicle Access for Improved Liveability – examined how UVARs could support cities to develop new mobility management strategies, as well as explored the...

  10. News
    22 May 2023

    Lisbon bans through traffic from its inner city for three months

    In the city of Lisbon, major infrastructure works are being used as a catalyst to change mobility behaviour in its inner city area. ...