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Da Carla Giaume / Aggiornato: 16 May 2023

The CIVITAS Initiative is led by a new CIVITAS MUSE Coordination and Support Action from 2023-2027, coordinated by ICLEI Europe and involving 8 expert partners in total. This project will deliver a wide range of services to the European Commission and its funded urban mobility-related projects, to enhance their results through further communication, capacity building and exploitation activities. These will involve and reach all parts of the urban mobility community, particularly CIVITAS project participants and EU cities. Further dissemination of the state of the art is made possible through CIVITAS MUSE by enhancing operational structures that involve wider community stakeholders such as the Secretariat, CIVINET regional and national networks, the Policy Advisory Committee, annual Conferences, a new Collective of European mobility networks, as well as improving collaboration groups between projects and their partners (and their related stakeholders and experts), at both a management and thematic/topic based level.

The CIVITAS MUSE project helps to guarantee the replication of innovative solutions and results through a deployment planning cycle, working with cities through capacity building exchanges to promote solution-specific learning and broad skills development. Monitoring, extracting and communicating the most useful results and information from projects lies at the core of CIVITAS MUSE, with projects supported in employing up to date evaluation approaches. CIVITAS MUSE comes at a key time in the Smart and Climate Neutral Cities Mission and the achievement of multiple Destination goals including those under Cross-Sectoral Solutions for the Climate Transition.

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Current member
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da Maggio, 2023 a Aprile, 2027
Freiburg, Germany
ICLEI Europe
Sustainable Mobility Expert
Freiburg, Germany
ICLEI European Secretariat
Sustainable Mobility and Transport Coordinator