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Da Carla Giaume / Aggiornato: 17 Apr 2023

The SUMP Türkiye project aims to promote a shift from individual means of transport to sustainable, accessible and inclusive modes of mobility at both national and urban levels. The project will support the policy dialogue between the national and European stakeholders on sustainable urban mobility, strengthen the capacity of municipalities on sustainable urban mobility and related topics in accordance with the best EU principles and practices, and coordinate a national European Mobility Week (EMW) campaign towards wide participation of municipalities in Türkiye.

The project has a three-step approach to address the challenges faced by planning authorities and municipalities in Türkiye in adopting sustainable urban mobility practices.

The first step is to validate the implementation of sustainable urban mobility by identifying the specific barriers that are preventing the take-up of sustainable urban mobility practices. The project will undertake applied, transdisciplinary research, interviews, and workshops with key stakeholders to create a solid evidence base. The aim is to provide comprehensive advice to national government stakeholders and planning authorities on how to overcome frequently diverse and complex sustainable urban mobility planning barriers in the future.

The second step is to systemize sustainable urban mobility planning by identifying the most effective tools and methods for the sustainable urban mobility planning process. The project will provide guidance in key topic areas relevant for high-quality, effective, and efficient development. Hand-selected and tailored Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) tools, methods, and best practice examples will be made available for mobility planners.

The third step is to accelerate and secure the uptake of sustainable urban mobility by supporting municipalities to establish high-quality SUMPs in the long run. The project will reach out to municipalities across Türkiye, train mobility experts, and promote the SUMP concept from a hands-on, practitioner perspective. The aim is to accelerate the take-up of sustainable urban mobility practices in the municipalities in Türkiye, which will lead to the required long-term commitment to sustainable urban mobility planning.


Project Components

  1. Policy dialogue and policy papers on sustainable urban mobility

This component involves a situation analysis to understand the current situation, challenges, and opportunities in sustainable urban mobility in Türkiye. It will result in a white policy paper that outlines current and future issues and recommendations to achieve relevant national and EU strategies. A permanent policy dialogue with stakeholders and European counterparts will ensure continuous feedback and repositioning of activities throughout the project's lifetime.

  1. Capacity Building

This component focuses on improving the knowledge, skills, and experience of Turkish municipalities related to sustainable urban mobility through capacity-building activities. These activities will include physical and online trainings, study visits, and the translation and development of content and guidelines from Eltis. The aim is to foster knowledge-transfer and exchange on the implementation of sustainable urban mobility planning and measures and lessons learned from European cities.

  1. Communication and Visibility

This component is dedicated to promoting sustainable urban mobility through various communication and visibility activities. Its role is to ensure that all public activities related to the project and the national campaign for European Mobility Week are widely promoted in Türkiye. This will be achieved through the use of diverse social media channels targeting a large and diverse audience.


Project Concrete Results

  • A situation analysis on sustainable urban mobility delivered to present possible legislative, institutional and policy recommendations and pathways in the format of a Green Paper.
  • A White Paper, developed with the contribution of the key stakeholders, to outline current and conceivable future issues related to sustainable urban mobility in Türkiye and steps needed to reach national and EU targets.
  • A long-lasting policy dialogue on sustainable urban mobility established between the key stakeholders and the European counterparts.
  • Community of municipal professionals trained on sustainable urban mobility by 8 physical and 36 online training activities supported by study visits to leading cities in Europe.
  • Organisation of an International Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility in Türkiye.
  • A dedicated project website to inform the general public about ongoing European Mobility Week activities and SUMP Projects in Türkiye while providing possibility to all interested parties to contribute to the website content.
  • SUMP knowledge depository equipped with guidelines, good practice examples, tools and up-to-date information on sustainable urban mobility.
  • By using various media channels, increasing public awareness of sustainable, accessible and inclusive mobility options, and encouraging participation in the planning of sustainable urban mobility.


General Information

The End Recipient of Assistance: The Union of Municipalities of Türkiye

Contracting Authority: The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MoTI) Directorate General for EU Affairs and Foreign Relations, Department for EU Investments

Name of the Funding Stream: Sectoral Operational Programme for Transport (USOP)

Linkedin: Skup Türkiye


Member status: 
Current member
Contract period: 
da Agosto, 2022 a Agosto, 2025