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Da Carla Giaume / Aggiornato: 12 Apr 2023

MOVE21 is an innovation project funded by the European Commission. It aims at transforming European cities and their surroundings into smart zero emissions nodes for mobility and logistics. The project helps participating cities achieve a 30% reduction of transport-related emissions by 2030 via the implementation of 15 transport-related innovations.

The project tests and upscales different solutions for passenger and goods transport in these six urban areas across Scandinavian-Mediterranean (Scan-Med) Corridor of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). The idea is to harness positive effects of new solutions, not only in the so-called urban nodes, but across the Scan-Med TEN-T corridor.

MOVE21 delivers new, close to market ready solutions that have been proven to work in different regulatory and governance settings. The cities are also committed to upscaling the most prominent solutions – which can range from new technological integrations or business models to new procurement and governance methods.

The project coordinator is the City of Oslo – innovator city in C40 and European Green Capital in 2019. The partnership is composed by 24 partners, including six public authorities, two public transport companies owned by municipalities, six industry partners (two of which are SMEs), six research organisations and four network organisations. The partners come from seven EU Member States and Associated countries: Norway, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Greece. The cities involved are Oslo, Gothenburg, Hamburg as Living Labs, Munich, Rome, and Bologna as replicator cities.

Building on the legacy from the Horizon 2020 “VitalNodes” project, MOVE21 also promotes close collaboration between urban nodes to address policies, governance issues and planning of multimodal and interconnected hubs in cities and their integration into the functional urban areas and the TEN-T network. MOVE21 actively engages the wider community of urban nodes through various forums, training sessions, knowledge exchange and follow-up projects, thus impacting both short term and long-term capacity building, via dedicated Urban Nodes fora.

MOVE21 seeks also to promote new forms of governance cooperation and innovation on TEN-T corridor level for urban nodes. To this end, a “Scan-Med Observatory” is expected to promote coherent set of actions to facilitate institutional networking at TEN-T corridor level and encourage common funding mechanisms and joint systems components between cities and regions located along the TEN-T Scandinavian – Mediterranean corridor. MOVE21 actively promotes this model of organising urban nodes, and welcomes replication efforts on other TEN-T corridors beyond the Scandinavian - Mediterranean corridor.

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