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Da Vanessa Holve / Aggiornato: 08 May 2023

The Coordination and Support Action CIVITAS ELEVATE helps to advance the CIVITAS Community to a higher level of knowledge, exchange, impact and sustainability. CIVITAS ELEVATE deepens the relationship within the CIVITAS Community by implementing a Liaison and Steward System, but also by creating and maintaining a comprehensive communication and dissemination framework that enables the CIVITAS projects and CIVINETs to portray their work with maximum effect to an international audience from a broad range of fields.

Additionally, CIVITAS ELEVATE increases the impact of the CIVITAS programme through Mobility Match, Incubation and a CIVINET Support and Investment Centre and through its Learning Centre and Educational Network. Harmonising evaluation activities by providing guidance and support to the stakeholders, and advancing the knowledge that the CIVITAS Initiative has built year after, are further key aims of CIVITAS ELEVATE.

And finally, to ensure the sustainability of CIVITAS‘ outcomes, Business Models will be developed and the next generation of transport professionals will be involved in the CIVITAS Community.

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