RASCI matrix


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Da Admin Eltis / Aggiornato: 28 May 2019

Definition – The RASCI matrixinfo-icon is a project management toolinfo-icon which helps to clarify the roles and responsibilities of different organisations and people in complex structures. RASCI is an acronym derived from the five key criteria most typically used: Responsible, Accountable, Supporting, Consulted and Informed.

Relevance to SUMP – A RASCI matrix can be used to clarify responsibilities during the preparation and the implementation of a SUMP, for example, in the context of stakeholderinfo-icon mapping:

  • Responsible: this partner is in charge of completing the task.
  • Accountable: this partner endorses the result of the task.
  • Supporting: this partner delivers input that can help the responsible body achieve the task completion.
  • Consulted: this partner needs to be asked for feedback, and feedback needs to be taken into account.
  • Informed: this partners needs to be kept up to date with the progress of the plan development.


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