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Da Admin Eltis / Aggiornato: 28 May 2019

Definition – An objectiveinfo-icon is a broad statement describing the improvements a city is seeking. Objectives specify the directions for improvement, but not the means for achieving it.

Relevance to SUMP – Public authorities should formulate clear and measurable objectives, together with related targets and indicators that allow monitoringinfo-icon of progress towards the achievement of objectives and assessmentinfo-icon of the efficiency and effectiveness of the SUMP measures taken. To provide an example, an objective of the SUMP could be to create a city where people feel safe riding their bikes. A related targetinfo-icon would be to add 50km of cycle lanes during the total timeframe of the SUMP and an indicatorinfo-icon would be the length (km) of new cycle lanes provided per year.

Source - ITS Leeds KonSULT (online) 

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