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By News Editor / Updated: 03 Nov 2016

ETSC: How safe are new cars sold in the EU?

Although European roads still claim too many fatalities and seriously injured, the long-term safety trend has been positive.  Among others, improved vehicle safety standards since the late 1990s have played an important role.

Improvements in the safety of new vehicles in Europe have been driven by mandatory EU and UNECE safety requirements for new vehicles - and by Euro NCAP, a voluntary consumer-testing organisation that carries out its own tests of many vehicles that sell in large numbers and awards safety ratings to them. 

By News Editor / Updated: 18 Jan 2017

IRTAD road safety annual reports

The International Road Traffic and Accident Database (IRTAD) gathers data on traffic and road accidents from 28 out of the 30 OECD Member countries. The main part of the database, with around 500 data items, includes aggregated data on injury accidents, road fatalities, vehicle population, network length, vehicle kilometrage from 28 countries (for 1965 and for every year since 1970).

By News Editor / Updated: 12 Apr 2018
By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 12 Apr 2018

Eurostat Regional Yearbooks: Transport

The Transport section of the Eurostat Regional Yearbook gives information on road, rail, air and maritime transport within EU countries and others such as Norway, Iceland and Turkey. Particular data is given with respect to passenger numbers, injuries in road accidents, rates of motorisation and lengths/densities of networks.

By News Editor / Updated: 28 May 2019

Eurostat online transport databank

The Eurostat online section for transport contains general data on passenger and freight transport for air, rail, road and water transport. Most of the data are also available in the EU Transport in Figures: Statistical Pocketbook of the European Commission.

A big advantage of the Eurostat databank is the possibility to get regional statistical data for federal states and metropolitan areas of the EU member states.

By News Editor / Updated: 07 Jun 2018

ITF short-term trends

The International Transport Forum collects quarterly data on the short-term evolution of the transport sector in its 51 member countries to foresee trend shifts in the sector as a result of economic down or upturn.

The data covers three modes of inland transport (rail, road and inland waterways) together with some economic indicators. Series are available from 1995 and are published with a three-month lag.

By News Editor / Updated: 17 May 2018

UNECE transport statistics for Europe and North America

The UNECE Working Party on Transport Statistics (WP.6) is an intergovernmental body dealing with the development of appropriate methodologies and terminology for the harmonization of statistics as well as the collection of data from Member States and the dissemination of this data. 

Data in the publications cover transport activity, transport equipment and transport infrastructure by mode (rail, road, inland waterway, maritime, intermodal and oil pipeline). General information on population, energy consumption, transport emissions and on road traffic accidents are also provided.

By News Editor / Updated: 17 May 2018

ITF online transport tool

The online tool, launched by the ITF and OECD in 2017, allows users to freely select between 19 transport-related indicators for more than 50 countries to create their own transport data. This allows users to:

  • Compare trends for up to four countries simultaneously.
  • Create country rankings.
  • Show country information on a world map

The topics cover CO2 emissions, road safety, infrastructure investment, modal shares and the transport network. 


By News Editor / Updated: 12 Apr 2018

EU Transport in Figures: Statistical Pocketbook

This annual publication provides an overview of the most recent and most pertinent annual transport-related statistics in Europe. It covers the European Union and its 28 Member States and, as far as possible, the current EU candidate countries and the EFTA countries. 

By News Editor / Updated: 12 Apr 2018