Land use

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By News Editor / Updated: 12 Apr 2018
By News Editor / Updated: 30 Jul 2015

Global Bus Rapid Transit data

The Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) Databank gives the sustainable transport community access to reliable and current data about the BRT and bus corridors in operation.

It is possible to choose between browsing for indicators or locations of BRT systems. The platform provides a convenient repository of data from a variety of sources including researchers, transit agencies, municipalities and non-governmental organisations.

By News Editor / Updated: 28 May 2015

EEA: Transport and environment indicators

The European Environment Agency (EEA) provides a useful collection of different data concerning both transport and environment in a large field of activity, including accessibility, energy efficiency, land use, fuel consumption, transport demand, taxes, air quality, external costs, capacity of infrastructure and traffic noise. It also provides outlooks and trends for selected indicators.

By News Editor / Updated: 30 Jul 2015

World Bank urban development and transport statistics

Under the topics of urban development and infrastructure, the World Bank provides a large amount of transport-related data.

A special feature allows comparison between different countries. Indicators include number of motor cars, PM emissions, road-sector energy consumption and vehicle numbers per road km.