• COVID-19 Impacts on Cycling in Europe and North America

    The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed the way we accessed society. Research by Virginia Tech provides detailed analysis of how pro-cycling measures were introduced during and after the pandemic and some visions for the future.
  • Call for tender: Sustainable rural mobility for COVID-19 resilience and support of ecotourism

    A call for tender has been published for procedure SMARTA 3 on sustainable rural mobility for COVID-19 resilience and support of ecotourism. The deadline is 14 June 2022.
  • 7th Annual Future of Transport Conference 2022

    Over the past two years, the European transport sector has been impacted significantly by the COVID-19 pandemic. Passenger and freight transport has been severely disrupted; supply chains moved to breaking point, while the demand and necessity for the sector to re-orientate towards more digital, efficient, and sustainable practices continues to increase....

  • European Parliament Flash Barometer: Women in times of COVID-19

    Marking International Women’s Day 2022, the European Parliament Director General for Communication commissioned a Flash Eurobarometer sample survey by Ipsos European Public Affairs of women >15 years of age in each of the 27 Member States to gather women's opinions on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The effects of Covid-19 on urban mobility: Free online course

    Do you want to learn about the effects of Covid-19 on urban mobility? Then take part in this free online course instructed by Bax & Company Future Mobility consultant Albert Gragera for EIT Urban Mobility.
  • 9th European Summit of Regions and Cities

    The 9th European Summit of Regions and Cities, "Citizens at the heart of Europe", which aims to discuss the EU’s future challenges, will take place 3-4 March 2022.

    This 9th Summit is organised every two years by the European Committee of the Regions to discuss the EU's future challenges with local...