Vilnius app tells commuters the story of their city during their trip

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 23 Jun 2022

Public transport passengers in Vilnius can now go on a journey in a dual meaning: while they use the trolley bus to go to work, they can listen to an audio guide that tells them about the history of the Lithuanian capital.

The guide works for trolleybus line 2 - this was chosen as it is the oldest trolleybus service in the city, running on the almost same route as it did when starting service in 1956 .

Covering 13 stations in the direction of Saulėtekis, passengers can activate stories each time the bus stops and learn about areas they pass by, such as the city wall, Jogailos and Žygimantų streets, or the Green Bridge which got rebuilt 12 times.

The audio guide is a result of cooperation between Vilnius public transport operator UAB and the creative platform Neakivaizdinis Vilnius (Part-time Vilnius). They aligned the length of the stories to the average bus tri-speed between the stops, to create a continuous story experience for the passengers.


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Article published first at on 11 May 2022.

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