URBACT Walk’n’Roll Cities guidebook on innovations in mobility and public space is out now!

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 14 Feb 2023

One of the key challenges many cities across Europe face is the physical separation of the different components of everyday life, leading to significant mobility demand. As the current mobility systems in most cities can still be characterised by the dominance of the individual car, this demand is met to a large extent by car use. People drive cars to improve their quality of life by significantly shortening the time needed for moving between different parts of the city - to work or to use various services. In reality however, car-oriented local mobility has a wide range of adverse consequences, many of which negatively affect the quality of life already in the short run.

Most cities understand the problem, its likely consequences and are committed to implement a shift towards more sustainable urban mobility and public space use. But this is easier said than done. That’s why 28 European cities of different sizes from 16 countries have come together to face today’s mobility challenges. Partners of the URBACT Action Planning Networks RiConnect, Space4People and Thriving Streets decided to establish a long-term cooperation and created “Walk’n’Roll Cities” - a platform to exchange ideas, inspirations and learn from each other.

Together, these cities explored visions and interventions that could contribute to massive reduction of car use in our cities. Thanks to the Knowledge Hub initiative of the URBACT programme, an online publication has also been created that presents these visions and interventions.

The Walk’n’Roll Guidebook ‘innovations in mobility and public space’ is an accessible, practical and concise resource for local politicians, decision-makers, professionals, city practitioners - and even for citizens. It is for all who are interested in urban mobility and committed in making their city a better place for people. The guidebook is accessible for download for free at the URBACT Knowledge Hub section on mobility now!

Click here to access the dedicated URBACT Knowledge Hub Walk’n’Roll Cities page.

Download the publication here.


Photo Credit: Iván Bravo Studio

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