Two new Digital Europe Programme calls on mobility and smart communities

By Matthew Collings / Updated: 28 Nov 2022
Digital Europe Programme

The Digital Europe Programme has released two new calls for proposals on the deployment of the data space for mobility and for smart communities. The Digital Europe Programme aims to reinforce the EU’s core Artificial Intelligence (AI) capacities as a crucial driver for the digital transformation of the public and private sectors. The two calls are detailed below:


Digital Europe Programme – deployment of the data space for mobility 

The Programme is pleased to share the deployment call* for the common European mobility data space. Funded under the Digital Europe Programme, the call has a budget of €8 million. Its primary focus lies in identifying and supporting the deployment of mobility data sharing use cases in the area of urban mobility, based on data space building blocks. This will allow the deployment of an operational data space enabling participants to make available and share data in a controlled, simple and secure way.  

Deadline to apply: 24 January 2023.  

*Important: please refer to the call document, and not to the topic description from the work programme. The call document is downloadable from the ‘Topic conditions and documents’ section on the Funding and Tenders Portal. 


Digital Europe Programme – deployment of the data space for smart communities  

With a budget of €8 million, this call seeks to pilot and apply the principles of the data space for smart communities on a large scale and with a large geographical coverage, to build EU capacity for connecting data from all relevant domains. The call will fund a consortium of relevant supply and demand-side stakeholders to foster innovation among many European cities and communities. 

Especially relevant is that the call focuses, among other things, on predictive traffic management and sustainable mobility planning. It will exploit synergies with the common European mobility data space and with the data available on transport National Access Points, and make use of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Indicators (SUMI).  

More information on the call can be found here. For any questions, please reach out to 

Deadline to apply: 24 January 2023 

Public and stakeholder involvement
Traffic and demand management
Urban mobility planning