Turku's cyclists and pedestrians can choose the shortest, greenest or cleanest route

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 21 Jul 2023

The Finnish city of Turku has provided its cyclists and pedestrians with a new navigation tool that allows users to use a wider range of criteria than usual to select their preferred routes. Users are able to choose the shortest route, as with other navigation tools, although they also have the option to select the route with the most greenery, the least change in altitude or the best air quality.

The new digital tool is called AirQu. The default option is the shortest route, although users are able to add further options, so that everyone can create the own individual ‘best’ route. AirQu also allows users to compare their selected route with the shortest route. The tool also allows users to give feedback on the services, both at a general level and for individual routes, in order that it can be improved.

The tool is a web-based solution and works for smartphones and computers. It has been developed in the Horizon 2020 RESPONSE project with Turku being one of the project partners. Turku’s main role in the project is to centring on energy-positive blocks and neighbourhoods in the Turku Student Village.

Article published first at TheMAYOR.eu on 28 June 2023.

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