Transforming Urban Logistics and Mobility: Exploring the Journeys of the ULaaDS Satellite Cities

By BAXCOamc / Updated: 31 Jul 2023

The ULaaDS project brings together 24 partners including city authorities, research institutions, industry and logistics stakeholders, associations, and networks to support the deployment of novel, feasible, shared, and zero-emission logistic solutions across a three-year period.

ULaaDS offers a new approach to system innovation in urban logistics. Through the re-localisation of logistics activities and the re-configuration of freight flows at different scales, the project aims to develop sustainable and liveable cities, allowing people and local businesses to easily use alternative modes of shopping and delivery.

The ULaaDS project has just published a new collaborative insight report in which the four ULaaDS satellite cities – Rome, Edinburgh, Bergen, and Alba Iulia – present their current projects and challenges in urban logistics and mobility, their experiences and lessons learned during the last few years in the project, as well as the future steps they will take in their cities.

Read it on their website here

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