Tallinn allocates extra 4 million EUR for rising public transport costs

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 20 Dec 2021

Tallinn is internationally known for its free public transport use policy for its residents. But the Estonian Capital is further investing in its public transport services to keep up this level.

During 2021, increasing fuel prices for gas and electricity, as well as higher costs for spare parts has added extra costs to public transport in Tallinn. At the same time, revenues from ticket sales have fallen by 25% accounting for a shortfall of 1.4 million EUR, as Deputy Mayor Andrei Novikov states. However, instead of thinking about increasing the fares or cutting the current service provision, Tallinn is adding 4 million EUR to keep its public transport services at the current level.

Mr Novikov says that there are no plans to increase fares for non-residents to create additional revenue or to reduce the transport network. He stated: “On the route network side, it is always a political decision and so far, the city has assumed that our public transport is a priority and, instead, [...] the network is expected to grow”.

Tallinn plans to invest into new vehicles and more services on existing routes in addition to network extension plans.


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Article published first at err.ee on 29 November 2021.

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