Subsidised taxi vouchers are available in Milan again

By Carla Giaume / Updated: 01 Jul 2022

From 21 June 2022, residents in Milan who are facing economic adversities will be granted subsidised vouchers to use taxis within the limits of the city. This initiative was already implemented during the past year and it is now available again. In particular, the measure is addressed to urban residents with economic difficulties or reduced mobility.

The aim of the initiative is to help people with economic or mobility problems to meet their needs, without obstacles, whether that is going to work, home or anywhere else within the city. The Municipality of Milan announced that this measure is in place until the end of the year and it will possibly be renewed “if funds are still available”.

How does the taxi voucher work?

The subsidised program allows urban residents to travel by taxi or vehicle for hire with a driver (in Italian noleggio con conducente or NCC) covering the totality of the fare, up to a maximum of 20 EUR for each trip and a total of 200 EUR per voucher.

People who are eligible to benefit from the program and who can apply for the taxi vouchers are the following: residents in Milan above 65 years old, pregnant women, people with reduced physical mobility, people suffering from diseases that require continuous care, those with confirmed diseases, even if temporary, and those subject to life-saving therapies.

In addition to these categories, people with precarious economic conditions are also allowed to apply and benefit from the initiative. In particular, people whose households have been most impacted by the economic consequences deriving from the pandemic and urban residents in economic need. This group of people includes households with an annual income equal to or less than 28,000 EUR (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator, ISEE), unemployed people and those who had been laid off. The subsidy is also valid when the person is accompanied.

People who had already registered on the Municipality of Milan website last year will automatically receive the valid voucher, while new users will have to pre-register on the website and will then receive the confirmation of the activated service.  

People willing to use the benefit will have to book the ride first and communicate that they are in possession of the subsidised taxi voucher. Then, users need to show their Italian Health Insurance Card (Tessera Sanitaria) to the taxi driver, who will enter the customer’s tax code on the dedicated app already downloaded on his mobile phone for verification at the end of the journey, and the cost of the trip will be subtracted.

For more information on the initiative check the Municipality of Milan website.


Original article published by TheMayor.EU on 21 June 2022.

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