Spanish government to finance ticket price reduction to promote public transport

By Francine Long / Updated: 02 Aug 2022

The Spanish government has announced a measure to promote public transport by financing a reduction in the price of season and multi-journey tickets. The measure is designed to promote the use of collective public transport as a more reliable, comfortable, financially viable and sustainable method of transport than the private car, while also reducing the cost burden on residents in times of extraordinary energy and fuel price increases.

The Council of Ministers approved Royal Decree Law 25/2022 on the 25 June 2022, which includes direct aid of 50% reduction in multi-trip tickets of rail services provided by Renfe, subject to public service obligations (cercanías or commuter services, media distancia or medium-distance/less than 300km routes and avant high speed trains).  

The Spanish government will also finance a 30% reduction in the price of season tickets and multi-trip tickets on collective land public transport services sold and valid within 1 September and 31 December 2022.

The capacity of a standard bus or coach allows passengers of more than 30 private vehicles to be transported, with metro or railway use able to accommodate hundreds of passengers in a single convoy. As congestion causes a loss in each EU country of 1-3% of GDP, according to studies by the UITP, AECOC and the European Parliament, the promotion of collective public transport has the potential for huge benefits as an essential, safe, reliable and economical mode of transport that prevents traffic jams.

Germany and Austria have also introduced special transport measures in light of price increases, launching the €9-a-month ticket scheme until the end of August and annual Klimaticket respectively, with both instruments being welcomed by passengers.

In order to fund this measure €221 million has been allocated, which has been financed through extraordinary credit measures. The aid is compatible and cumulative with any other form of aid that may be granted to transport users to reduce the final payment price of multi-trip tickets issued by service providers.


The original article was posted by the Spanish Ministry of Transport MITMA (link is external) website.

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