Sibiu will modernise its public transport using EU funds

By Sofia Pechin / Updated: 16 Mar 2020

The Romanian city of Sibiu has recently signed an agreement that will release funds to support the development of its public transport system.

On 5 March, the mayor of Sibiu signed a financing agreement with the EU that will release funds to the city to support a project in the context of the area's Regional Operational Programme through which EU regional funding is distributed. The main objective of the project is to increase the quality and attractiveness of public transport to offer a more viable and cleaner alternative to travelling around the city.

The project foresees the purchase of 40 new compressed natural gas (CNG) buses, which will be used to increase the frequency of services on priority lines. The buses will be 12 or 18 metres long and have low floors, air conditioning systems, video surveillance and wifi. Real-time information will also be provided to keep travellers informed about the bus schedule and links with other public transport services, as well as information on traffic incidents, detours and delays.

An integrated ticketing system will also be implemented. This will allow payments on-board using rechargeable cards or text messages, and also payments using vending machines that will be installed in several bus stops. In addition, the project includes the development of a mobile application that will provide passengers with information about the bus timetable and the configuration of routes, as well as giving them the possibility of purchasing tickets and subscriptions electronically.

Another important aspect of the project is the implementation of passenger counting and monitoring systems in each bus. This will help with the management and planning of public transport by producing useful data on each route, including the usage of different lines.

Finally, the EU funds will also finance the construction of a CNG charging station, which will be located at “Curtea Tursib” to support the new fleet.

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Article published first at Ora de Sibiu on 5 March 2020

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