A second micro hydrogen refuelling station to be delivered in Slovakia

By Matthew Collings / Updated: 13 Dec 2022

A second micro Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) will be delivered and installed in Slovakia to supply hydrogen to fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) users in the public. This follows an order for a micro-HRS in Slovakia earlier in 2022.

Utilising FCEVs are part of the EU Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy and HRS are needed to facilitate the uptake of FCEVs. The aim is for 1000 HRS to be operational by 2030, half of which are aimed to be operational by 2025. This project will help support the development of the hydrogen vehicles market in Slovakia and Central Europe.

The project is being conducted with Metacon and Hydroholding. Hydroholding will be supplying the hydrogen and will be handling the installation and maintenance of the micro-HRS unit whilst Metacon will be supplying the micro-HRS unit.


Article originally posted on the Metacon website.

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