SAFE-UP: A shared vision to tackle shared road safety issues

By BAXCOamc / Updated: 09 Mar 2023

SAFE-UP is a H2020 project that addresses road safety challenges by identifying future safety-critical scenarios and developing tools and new technologies accordingly (for both active and passive safety systems). It involves designing and analysing safety-critical scenarios in a highly automated and mixed traffic environment by integrating traffic accident data and future traffic conditions with new forms of safety metrics and sub-microscopic models in a traffic simulation platform.  

In the project's latest newsletter, Lisa Spellman, Director of the Vulnerable Road User Safety Consortium™ (VRUSC) - an SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (SAE ITC®) program - stresses the importance of having a common vision and mission with organisations committed to improving shared road user safety.

"From large nations to small municipalities, awareness of the urgent need to expand sustainable modes and safer means to move people and goods continues to grow. Vulnerable road users (VRUs), such as cyclists (pedal and electric), scooter users (push and electric), pedestrians, and individuals with limited mobility, are increasingly at risk of being hit by moving vehicles. As overall safety outcomes for occupants inside most vehicles have gotten safer, the results for those outside of vehicles have not fared as well. Rates of VRU injury and death have been on the rise worldwide...

"The good news is that there are numerous organisations and initiatives across the globe underway and planned with a common goal of improving safety for all shared road users. It is encouraging to see the ongoing commitment and growth to improving the safety of those that walk, ride, or roll along our global shared roadways. It is important to note that multiple strategies are needed to meet the unique circumstances to reduce (or ideally eliminate) collisions. The challenge is a puzzle that requires consistent collaboration, trust, and a shared vision to move forward together."

To read the full piece on the SAFE-UP website, click here.

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