ReVeAl project: 4 guidance documents cover the cross-cutting issues that affect all UVARs

By Sofia Pechin / Updated: 14 Jun 2021

The Civitas ReVeAL project is looking at how cities can successfully regulate vehicle access in order to create more attractive places for people and business.

The project is supporting 6 pilot cities in developing good practice Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVARs), which include Low Emission Zones, Zero Emission Zones, traffic limited zones, charging schemes, and, within the ReVeAL project definition, also Spatial Interventions. Through the work of this project with 6 cities, ReVeAL is producing and validating a 'Toolkit' to help support further cities develop good practice UVARs.

Part of this toolkit is a series of Guidance Documents, covering different aspects of UVAR development. Four of the guidance documents cover the cross-cutting issues that affect all UVARs.

There are also a series of webinars every Tuesday in June on the following four topics:

  • (8 June) Ensuring UVAR Compliance - addressing the tools and methods used to ensure that users can easily comply with the UVAR: Guidance and webinar
  • (15 June) User needs and public acceptance - addressing public response and users diversity: Guidance and webinar
  • (22 June) Governance & Financing - addressing administrative frameworks and mechanisms: Guidance and webinar
  • (29 June) Mobility Concepts - addressing mobility measures that support the UVAR: Guidance and webinar


For more information, see the ReVeAL website


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