Puglia's regional cycling mobility plan nears adoption

By Raffaele Vergnani / Updated: 02 Mar 2020

The council of the Italian region of Puglia is a step closer to adopting a plan to promote and develop cycling throughout the region.

The aim of the Puglia's Regional Cycling Mobility Plan (PRMC), as announced by the Councillor for Transport Mr Giovanni Giannini, is to set up a continuous and uniform cycling network throughout the region. This network will be integrated with relevant national and international routes, and will consist of routes that will enhance those that already exist and those which are already planned. The development of routes on roads with low levels of traffic will be given priority.

The latest version of the PRMC opens the last phase of public consultation that will lead to the final approval of the Plan, once the Strategic Environmental Assessment procedure has been completed.

"With the Regional Cycling Mobility Plan, the Puglia region aims to pursue intermodality and a better use of the territory. This can be done thanks to an integrated regional cycle network, ensuring that residents and tourists can cycle in total safety, both in urban and suburban areas. All this is expected to reduce CO2 emissions and pollutants in the atmosphere, and favour at the same time the tourist development of the region and give value to the cultural, natural and landscape heritage", Councillor Giannini reports.

Sixteen cycle routes have been identified, including variations to the main routes. Some of these will be connected to the European Eurovelo network, particularly Eurovelo 5 (specifically cycle route Romea Francigena and Ciclovia Romea Francigena, which are also part of the national Bicitalia 3 route). Other new routes in the region will connect with other national routes, particularly Bicitalia routes 6, 10, 11 and 14.

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