Public Call for “Sustainable Urban Transports Implementing Cities"

By Nathalie Clauter / Updated: 16 Nov 2020

The Urban Transports Community offers a peer-learning and mentorship opportunity to Mediterranean Cities and territories engaged in the development of sustainable urban mobility solutions.

Active since November 2016, the Urban Transports Community gathers almost 200 partner organisations developing sustainable mobility solutions in Mediterranean Cities through the action of seven transnational projects funded in the framework of the Interreg MED Programme. With a public call for “Sustainable Urban Transport Implementing Cities” the Community offers a unique opportunity to access the tools, resources and expertise made available by the Community to replicate identified good practices by pioneer cities. Assisted by dedicated mentors, the successful candidates will engage in an exclusive dialogue with a select group of cities who pioneered sustainable urban mobility solutions in different fields, such as data for smart traffic management; active mobility; shared mobility; mobility in tourist destinations; and new planning approaches. A selection of replicable tools and solutions is available on the website.

Successful candidates willing to replicate some of the Community’s best practices will also benefit from study visits in the Community's most significant implementation areas, where they will get hands-on experience on problems and solutions found by peer cities and regions. The mentors, provided by the Urban Transports Community, will facilitate the consolidation of working relationships and peer-to-peer exchanges with Community partners aimed at creating the conditions for future project partnerships and funding opportunities. Besides, the mentors will write a final report to assess the peer-learning and mentorship process and to set the ground for further development and implementation of sustainable urban transport solutions.

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