Parking enforcement cameras outside schools improve pupils’ safety

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 28 Sep 2021

A “Park Safe Schools” pilot for schools in Colchester and Dovercourt (both in the north of the county of Essex in the United Kingdom) aimed to address the challenge of illegal parking outside of schools. Many cars used to park illegally in places where parking was not allowed. 

The illegal parking problem resulted in significant congestion and parking challenges for those wishing to stop legally. The locations concerned were three drop-off points for local schools. Cars also used to illegally park at dangerous positions near school entrances. The pilot, funded by the North Essex Parking Partnership, installed parking enforcement cameras at critical locations in order to support on-foot enforcement officers.

The result was a decrease in penalty charge notices that were issued. There was a 62% drop in penalty notices between April and July 2021 in the areas where the cameras had been installed, meaning that there was a sharp drop in illegal parking. The “Park Safe Schools” pilot also included information measures about the new camera surveillance in order to educate parents and students on safe parking outside of the schools.

Julie O’Mara, head teacher of one of the pilot schools, said: “We’re really grateful for the work the North Essex Parking Partnership has done with the schemes. Since the camera has been installed, we’ve noticed far less drivers obstructing pavements outside the school.”

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Article published first at Daily Gazette Essex County Standard on 14 September 2021.

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