Pardubice launches a sustainable mobility plan process

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 08 Jun 2020

“ParduPlán” is the name given to the new sustainable urban mobility plan by the City of Pardubice. At the end of May 2020, the city hall published its decision to create this new mobility plan to set out mobility development in the coming year. All work is put under the main vision of a “safe, efficient and environmentally friendly transport in the city”. The development process is set out for two years with a budget of € 126,500 (CZK 3,36 million).

The time scope of the Pardubice SUMP is 15 years and measures will be structured in 5-year action plans. To achieve the proposed measures, Pardubice has made a detailed analysis of the current situation using road surveys of all city roads and the collection of public opinion. The actual measures will be subject to the financial means available, but one of the aspects to prepare the SUMP is to be able to apply to EC funding connected to transport measures. From 2022, a SUMP is obligatory for all Czech cities of more than 40,000 inhabitants to access related EC funding. ParduPlán embraces all transport aspects, passenger and freight transport, motorised and active modes, individual and collective means. One of the key features in the development phase is “planning for people”. The involvement of the public is essential for Pardubice, which already created a web application allowing residents and visitors alike to indicate their needs and concerns.

Martin Charvát, Mayor of Pardubice, says that “an efficient urban transport system is essential for the healthy economic and social development of life in the city. All world cities, which are a symbol of high quality of life, work with strategic documents, an integral part of which is transport and its organisation”.

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Article published first at on 27 May 2020.

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