New Park4SUMP brochure on "Good reasons and principles for Parking Management"

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 18 Feb 2020

The CiViTAS Park4SUMP project works to improve the integration of innovative parking management solutions into Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. In February 2020, Park4SUMP published a new brochure on “Good reasons and principles for Parking Management”.

This publication provides information that stakeholders at the local level need to build a sound political argument for parking management measures and gives inspiration for the effects one can achieve with parking management. The brochure highlights the strengths of parking management in terms of sustainable urban mobility development, demasks myths around parking and gives successful examples of parking management approaches across the EU. In this, it reflects argumentation and facts urban mobility development needs to consider, such as legal requirements, political will, user needs, and perception and the effective use of scarce resources.

The brochure "Good reasons and principles for Parking Management" provides urban practitioners and decision-makers with a set of 17 parking principles, 15 facts on parking and 2 arguments on parking management practices.

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Article published first at CiViTAS Park4SUMP website on 6th of February 2020

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