New CIVITAS publication reveals tested and effective sustainable mobility solutions

By rswa178 / Updated: 05 Jul 2021

Since 2016, 16 cities from across Europe have implemented and rigorously evaluated 175 sustainable mobility measures. Cities, policy makers and practitioners looking to advance green transport are invited to learn from this evaluation, for which the insights are now available online.

Each of the 175 measures tested in CIVITAS DESTINATIONS, CIVITAS ECCENTRIC, and CIVITAS PORTIS have been monitored and evaluated to determine their impact, the drivers of and barriers to their success, and recommendations for taking sustainable urban mobility to the next level in Europe.

These results are presented in a new publication, sorted by thematic area and accompanied by infographics, statistics, and photographs that highlight measure and project impacts.

Sustainable urban mobility does not require ‘reinventing the wheel’. All are invited to make use of the work led by these 16 cities to make better living and moving a reality – explore the publication to identify promising solutions that are best suited to your local context.

Click here or below to read and download “Tested and effective: mobility solutions from CIVITAS Living Lab projects”.

Clean and energy-efficient vehicles
Collective passenger transport
Mobility management
Monitoring and evaluation
Policy and research
Public and stakeholder involvement
Safety and urban mobility
Shared mobility
Traffic and demand management
Urban freight/city logistics
Urban mobility planning
Walking and cycling