The most common crash scenarios involving small & large motorcycles

By BAXCOamc / Updated: 11 Apr 2022

SAFE-UP researchers have used the German In-Depth Accident Database to generate new detailed analyses on the characteristics of the most common injury- or death-producing crashes between passenger car drivers and motorcyclists & moped riders in the EU.

These two new infographics for small (50cc or less) and large (greater than 50cc) powered two-wheelers relay some of their findings on where crashes tend to happen with respect to infrastructure layouts.

For both size categories, the majority (>85%) of all crashes happen in urban areas. Smaller motorcycles are particularly vulnerable to crashes at intersections, with a high percentage of serious or fatal outcomes.

The results highlight the persistence of recognised traffic hazards to motorcyclists: crossing vehicles at intersections and oncoming vehicles that turn left across the motorcyclist’s path.

Crash configurations were evaluated from the car occupant’s point of view, as the analyses are intended to inform the development of safety technology to make cars safer for other road users.

To check out all of SAFE-UP's infographics, visit their resources page.

Safety and urban mobility