Milan expands cycle network by 750 km

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 26 Jan 2022

Milan, as well as many other cities in the world, recognises the need to fight congestion and air pollution levels. Therefore, the city intends to change the way people are moving around the city and increase cycling levels to a modal share of 20% of all trips.

To live up to its objective, Milan is investing 225 million EUR into its 'Cambio cycling mobility plan' and to the addition of 750km main cycling paths. The cycling network is built on four circular routes around the city centre and 16 further routes connecting the centre to the city’s outer areas. At the very outskirts, four greenways form a city-encompassing tangential route that connects all 16 centre-to-outskirts routes with each other. The new cycling network aims to provide access to one main cycling route within 1km distance from points of interest in the city, such as schools, hospitals, railway stations, subways or larger businesses for approximately 80% of all cases.

Milan is equipping its new main cycling network with optical fibre to install services like smart lighting and real time information. Information on the cycling routes are presented in the style of a metro plan, signposting connections to other transport modes, to other lines of the network as well as to points of interest within a distance of 1km from the location of a signpost.

Work on the cycling routes starts later in 2022.


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Article published first at ITS International on 11 January 2022.

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